Uc Ocak Mah. Ismet Inonu
Blv. No:16/A Akdeniz/MERSIN

Our Mission

To provide world-class, best and advanced services to our customers, suppliers and employees regarding our industry. While providing these services; To achieve the highest customer satisfaction by focusing on the needs of our customers.

Our Vision

To ensure full customer satisfaction by continuously improving our products and services in line with customer requests. To ensure continuity in the production of pumice stone and its derivatives in accordance with world standards. To ensure continuous improvement in our costs and efficiency in order to increase our competitiveness. To increase market share by reaching new users in target regions and markets in the sector.

To develop continuously towards excellence in occupational health and safety and environmental protection. To support the development of our employees, to ensure that they use their potential at the highest level, to increase their participation, with a principled, responsible and motivational leadership approach in order to make our institution constantly successful today and in the future. To support and develop flexible teamwork that can meet the needs in line with changing economic conditions.

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