Uc Ocak Mah. Ismet Inonu
Blv. No:16/A Akdeniz/MERSIN

Why Source Pumice from OHM MADEN?

An industrial materials company can be very good at what they do—competitive pricing, logistical expertise, consistency on spec, innovative and efficient production methods—but without a quality product, the high ground simply can’t be held. And while we pride ourselves on all of the above, we also count ourselves fortunate that our pumice deposit is world-class. Much of our processed pumice is exported into countries and regions that are over 44 countries ww. They buy OHM pumice because they require a superior pumice product.

Worldwide, our pumice enjoys advantages in whiteness , hardness , density and natural purity.

While other pumice suppliers have come and gone over the past decades, rising and falling with the fortunes of single industries and economic fluctuations, OHM pumice has been continuously supplying pumice products for more than 10 years. This stability is a credit to the OHM family for consistently taking the long-term view of the industry—relentlessly pursuing new industries and uses for pumice and standing firm on the commitment to efficiently and sustainably mine, process, package, and ship pumice anywhere.

We’ve also got a lot of pumice: studies have confirmed source pumice reserves yield in the millions of tons.

The OHM pumice deposit is unique in several of its physical characteristics. That advantage, combined with our wide application-specific expertise, is why we sell pumice to industry across the globe.

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